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The most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions asked by our customers.

General Questions

Just send us an email with the exact details of your space and we will answer you with the quote, or call us on (+30) 690 764 7624.

That depends on whether you have arranged an offer for your space or charge by hour.

That would be good for our team, to understand your space and needs.

Questions about the Schedule

We don’t gurantee same day cleaning. Of course, this depends on the day and the workload.

That depends on you. If you are not at home, be sure to inform us how to get in.

Yes, of course. For any reason of delay you are informed directly.

If the cancelation γίνει τελευταία στιγμή, then there is a charge.

Questions For the Cleaning

You can see what is included with details in each service separately. Generally the cleaning includes dusting, vacoom, mopping, furniture / surface cleaning, kitchen cleaning, toilets and bathrooms, windows, garbage, wall cleaning, spider / ceiling cleaning.

We offer a variety of services. You can see them in detail to OUR SERVICES page.

That depends on your space and how quickly you want the cleaning.




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