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Organic cleaning

Organic cleaning offers better results than conventional cleaning methods, as there are no caustic chemicals, ensuress absolute and safer cleaning of mattresses, carpets, and cars for you and your children, even in the most difficult situations.
The new bio-cleaning technology eliminates stains from the depth of the fiber, resulting in shine and protection for a long time in fabrics & skins. They do not contain chemicals, active foams, vapors, biodegradable soaps, chlorine, solvents and other caustic detergents.

Biological cleaning is provided in:

Biological cleaning
is provided in:

  • Mattresses with disinfection and anti-allergy protection. Layer cleaning is absolutely safe without chemicals.
  • Living room & seating, with excellent cleaning results, free of chemicals.
  • Cushions sofa with ecological cleaners. It removes stains and provides a perfect result.
  • Carpets & rugs without chemical residues. It gives excellent cleaning results.
  • Car Seats. We clean, disinfect and protect all types of vehicle cabs from grease and various accidents.

Biological cleaning can be done in yachts, hotels, houses even inside a car. It is the most specialized cleaning.




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